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Turn your free time into a money-making adventure by working on our interface. We have a wide range of micro-tasks related to fields like media, e-commerce, technology, and brands from across the globe. Register today to find something that fits your skills and interests.

About Datamime

Datamime is Tech Mahindra’s in-house workflow tool for data projects which enables you to perform and manage human annotation tasks easily. The tool provides a platform for services such as collection, quality grading, transcription and annotation over multiple data types.

Text Annotation

Accurately identify and tag a particular sentiment, intent, or query, within a text to help machines understand human language

Search Relevance

Identify query results, relevant events, and classify entities resulting in fast and accurate search results

Image Annotation

Classify images and tag objects using text or annotation tools resulting in the improvement of Machine Learning algorithms

Video Annotation

Identify, classify, and audit search queries, video tracking, and tag objects on a video resulting in the enrichment of the video experience

Speech Transcription

Validate audio-to-text, conversation, and relevance of transcribed data to enhance the search experience

Why Choose Datamime?

With Datamime, you have the opportunity to earn money by working on micro tasks based on your skills, interests and availability. There are no defined targets or limit to how much you can work or earn. We would provide you with:

  • Free registration for remote work
  • Tasks that can be completed at your own pace
  • An effective work-life balance
  • The ability to voice out concerns, share market insights and intelligence as stakeholders
  • Work-lives that help enhance your digital experience

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Benefits of working on Datamime

Remote & Flexi Hours

Work wherever you want, whenever you want and for however long you choose. Limitless earning potential!


Exposure to annotation leads to an increased understanding of a text or passage and helps you read with a purpose

Training & Support

To help you prosper and hone your skills, we have carefully curated various Training Modules on the interface. Webinars are hosted with an interactive Q&A session often. You can also expect regular updates about tasks and their

Market Exposure

On Datamime, you will be introduced to various brands, merchants, and topics related to social media, e-commerce, technology, and so much more

Hassle-free Earnings

With us, invoices are a thing of the past! Your earnings will be transferred via Bank Transfer or PayPal monthly. You can also expect to receive weekly notifications about your earnings

Skill Utilization

Make use of your analytical and reasoning skills, voice out you concern, share market insights and intelligence

How It Works

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You can view the available tasks by clicking “My Apps” section. Work on the assigned tasks and get them unlocked by completing the assessments

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Contact us at, you might also want to look at the Question and Answers section below for quick reference.s

You can register on Datamime using this link here: You will be required to update all the mandatory fields. Once your account is enabled, you can join the training modules and then, you can start working and earning!

This is probably because you have not used a valid email ID to register with us. Ensure you have entered a valid email ID and a password with a minimum of 8 characters that contains capital letters, lower case letters and at least one special character.

No. Registration and use is completely free.

You create your own username and password during the registration process. The username ought to be easy to remember. For safety reasons, we recommend a password with a minimum of 8 characters that contains capital letters, lower case letters and at least one special character.

You can view the available tasks by clicking My Apps section. Work on the assigned tasks and get them unlocked by completing the assessments.

On the HitApp window, click the option beside the preview. You will be redirected to another page where you can start judging on queries. Ensure to read the guidelines to understand the task better.

To be eligible for more tasks, please ensure that you have filled all the fields under your DataMime profile page. In addition, tasks will be assigned to you based on their availability and your skills.

The amount of time you have to complete a task varies from project to project. However, a countdown timer displays the “Remaining Time” on the work page. You must complete the job before the time runs out, i.e., reaches zero. If this happens the job will be cancelled and will be lost for you

If you’re confused or unsure about a task, you can reach out to In addition, you can also read the guidelines and attempt the assessments.

There is no minimum to get paid each month. It is important to remember though that the more you work, the more you earn!

Contact in case of any roadblocks

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