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    What is DataMime?

    Join thousands of DataMimers from across the globe to do microtasks that power real world applications of AI.

    We’re backed by a Fortune 50 Enterprise, having presence across the globe in over 100 countries & are champions in diversity and fair pay!

    Tasks are available in all major languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portugese, Arabic etc.

    Types of Tasks on DataMime

    DataMime currently offers UHRS tasks in languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portugese, Indonesian and Japanese.

    Search Relevance

    Query Result Matching, Entity Classification & Curation, Relevance

    Text Annotation

    Intent Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Document Classification etc

    Speech Transcription

    Transcribe all types of audio into text in multiple languages. Speech to Text, Transcription, Tagging and Intent

    Advertisement Relevance

    Image Classification, Tagging, Segmentation, Object Detection, Identify, Classify and Audit Search Queries, Object Detection and Tracking etc

    How it works?

    DataMime is consistently working towards simplifying your sign up flow. Follow these easy steps to gain access to the platform and start doing tasks on DataMime and UHRS. Make sure to create your outlook account and add your native languages to get access to all relevant tasks on DataMime.



    Create your DataMime account using the link below


    Activate your account

    Activation link sent to your mailbox.


    Create an outlook account

    create your outlook account using the Link


    Update your profile

    Update secondary email with your new outlook ID; Add languages you know


    Start Earning!

    Access available tasks through UHRS app in My Apps section


    Start Earning!

    Post qualification, Start Earning for every single task!


    Get Money Directly Into Your Bank Account or PayPal

    UHRS Tasks On DataMime In:

    Join 1000’s Of DataMimers From Across The Globe

    DataMime currently offers UHRS tasks in languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portugese, Indonesian and Japanese.

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    Trust & Fair Pay form the fundamental of our ethos at DataMime. We have setup a support system across multiple channels to help you with any queries.


    DataMime is part of the TechMahindra family, a Fortune 50 Enterprise with 100,000+ employees in more than a 100 countries. You can trust us 🙂

    Fair Pay

    Seamless payments to DataMimers across the globe. Payments through Paypal and MoneyCorp payment services with the least amount of deductions amongst UHRS vendors


    First Steps

    How to register on DataMime?

    Fill in all the required details in the signup section and click signUp.

    What is need for an Outlook Id and where to fill it?

    Outlook/ live Id is important as this mail ID is used for the allocation of work,the id is to be filled in the secondary e-mail section while updating the profile page.

    Is it mandatory to fill the language proficiency?

    The language proficiency section is important as many jobs are offered based on the language requirements. If applicable, provide information about foreign language and native language skills.

    Does DataMime provied an option of qualifiying and working on multiple tasks?

    DataMime provides the opportunity to get qualified and work on multiple tasks.

    Are training sets mandatory before qualification?

    Yes,the training available before the qualification is a mandatory step with defined number of questions.

    What if too many queries are skipped without working on them?

    Skipping a query in the tool makes it less possible for the repetation of the query , at least for next few minutes leaving less queries to work upon.

    What is report section?

    The report section provides users with customized view of reports on a day/month/week basis. Users can also view the Hitapps/tasks worked on, total number of queries worked, time taken to work on a task/Hitapp, and quality (accuracy of the judgements).

    How to check the total number of attempts for a qualification assessment?

    A notification will pop up on your screen before start of the qualification / when attempting to exit the qualification assessment.

    What does No Hitapps available mean?

    This message means that at the moment, there are no jobs/tasks available for you on UHRS. It is not an error message.

    UHRS user settings doesn’t allow to record any data?

    These profile data is not being used by UHRS .These settings have no influence on the number of jobs/taks offered on UHRS.


    What is UHRS?

    UHRS stands for “Universal Human Relevant System” and is a separate website that offers micro-jobs.

    Where will the earnings appear in UHRS?

    Check the Report section in UHRS to have a view about the work and earnings. The report gets updated approximately every 20 minutes and provides information about the number of jobs you have completed, your earnings and the quality of your work.

    What are quality metrics?

    Quality metrics are the data and facts that are used to define the performance or quality. These quality metrics vary significantly by industry, users can read our user guidelines for additional information on our quality metrics.

    How to sign in to UHRS?

    Once logged into DataMime and click on start in the My apps tab,this automatically redirects to the UHRS sign in page.Sign in with the outlookID(Secondary email ID) to access the tool.

    How do I qualify for UHRS?

    UHRS has detailed instructions about the data needed which are available in the instruction section of the task. Read and follow the instructions of the assessment task and finish needed training before attempting the qualification.

    Will there be a loss of work if the Report section doesn’t update?

    No,Latency in the updation of the report usually happens due to maintenance work. An update that includes the entire missing period can be seen in the report once the maintenance work is complete.

    What should be done when “error message: Your account is not known to UHRS” appear?

    The most likely reason to receive this message is due to usage of another account for private purposes. Make sure to logout of the private accounts so that browser does not automatically enter account data in the log in mask. You could also create your own user profile in your Windows, which you use only to work on UHRS jobs.

    What should be done when “error message: Our records indicate that UHRS does …” appear?

    Check whether you can sign into the new account at despite the error message. If yes, then the automatic link between and UHRS has not worked properly and must be repeated . Please get in touch with us at and provide your Outlook ID and your DataMime username.

    What should be done when “error message: account has expired” appear?

    This message means that at the moment UHRS account has been temporarily deactivated due to longer inactivity. Get in touch with us via email at, remember to include your username or your Outlook ID.

    Can a user share information about the projects on UHRS ?

    All information on UHRS is strictly confidential. This includes general platform information as well as details about individual Hitapps, quality management measures, etc. Any unauthorized use, copying, disclosure or (online) distribution of material and information without the prior written consent is strictly forbidden.

    Payments & Earnings

    What is the Payment frequency?

    The payment frequency on DataMime is monthly.

    What is the Payment Cycle?

    1st to 30th or 31st of every month

    How do we get to know our earnings?

    Please go to My Report on UHRS and check your monthly earnings by changing the date range from 1st to 30th or 31st.

    How do I update my payment details?

    Go to Settings, enable 2-Factor Authorization & add your payment details.

    I have an Indian bank account but am currently not living in India, how will I get paid?

    If you are a user living outside India and are willing to update your India-based bank details then, you will have to change your locale to India on the Profile page for the bank option to get enabled.

    When will I get my Payment?

    Within 7-10 working days after the end of the payment period.

    I have an Indian bank account but am currently not living in India, how will I get paid?

    If you are a user living outside India and are willing to update your India-based bank details then, you will have to change your locale to India on the Profile page for the bank option to get enabled.

    Is there a minimum threshold for my earnings to be processed?

    Yes, the minimum amount of earnings that can be transferred via Bank Transfer or PayPal is 10 USD. You can check your earnings on the interface on the Reports section and if you have not accrued 10 USD, we will accumulate it until you reach that amount. If you have still not reached the minimum amount after three months, your earnings will be processed and transferred in the following month.

    How much will I earn?

    The price we have set up for this project will go as per the valid hit rate and the more you work the more you will be able to earn. There are different tasks with different rates, and it depends on the task you choose to work on.

    How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication?

    All you need to do is follow the directions provided below: Download Google authenticator on your smartphone/tablet or install the Authenticator extension on your desktop/laptop browser and set it up. If you want to know more about it, you can refer to our FAQs. Log in to DataMime using this link – Click the Payments menu to open the Security settings page. Click the Enable option and scan the QR code provided using your Authenticator app or web extension. Enter the OTP sent to you to enable 2FA and open the Payments page. Once 2FA is successfully enabled, you can start editing your bank account details.

    How will I get paid?

    Users who are residents of India can have their earnings transferred directly to their bank accounts. If you are from any other region, your earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account.

    Will I be charged for my earnings?

    Each of us is taxed differently under the Indian income tax laws.
    Please refer to –
    PayPal Users –